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About Us

The skin is always in trend. No matter what the leading trendsetters say, but leather accessories do not go out of use since the 1960s – 1970s. Leather bracelets and pendants, earrings and leather straps for watches - all this is used by us both in daily looks and when creating evening wear. Natural material is optimally combined with almost every style of design clothing. Classic, romance, sport - in any wardrobe you can enter handmade leather bracelets.
The HANDS-Style store invites everyone to explore a catalog in which you will find not only bracelets, but also other leather accessories.
You can buy from us:
• Leather handmade bracelets.
• Pair of bracelets.
• Original watches.
• Suspensions.
• Earrings.
• Metal series HAHINAS.
Making leather jewelry requires not only high-quality technology, but also an immense imagination and creativity. And here our designers did not restrain themselves. A lot of original and atypical ideas were realized in unique accessories that can be the "highlight" of your collection!
Handmade leather jewelry, made in Ukraine!
We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of high-quality leather jewelry at a loyal price. Our products do not belong to standard models. Each fruit of our creation is unique and inimitable. Do you want to become the owner of an exclusive accessory? Then order our leather jewelry and create your own fashion trends and make the most daring images into reality!
Our advantages:
• Only high-quality material, which has high quality characteristics, is involved in the manufacture of leather jewelry.
• Unique and original design. You will not see such models anywhere else!
• Universality of leather bracelets - this is our trick! Despite the use of "aggressive" materials such as leather and metal, you can combine the accessory with any style of clothing!
• Modern production technologies make jewelry strong and durable.
• Handmade leather bracelets and other types of accessories from our catalog are affordable for everyone!
• We have been working for 8 years and during this time have accumulated enough experience to satisfy the needs of each client!
Buy leather accessories in Ukraine.
Like the products? Make an order is very simple! To become the owner of handmade jewelry, simply put the item in the basket, pay and wait for delivery!

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