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Check the status of the administration of your order, you mozhite using the service from Ukrposhta. To do this you need to enter without passes and other characters full 13-character numeric number (Barcode indifikator) mail, which we sent to you during the change of status "In process" to "Sent". After entering the 13-character numeric number, click on "Search" button or click on "Enter". 

Example 13-character numeric number: 0123456789123 

Example 13-character numeric number sent from Ukraine: RC012345678UA 

Go to site Ukrposhta to check the status of the order was in nutri Ukraine 

Go to the site "Mail of Russia" to check the status of the movement order in Russia

Jump to site Belposhta to check the status of moving the order of Byelorussia

Visit website Mail Moldova "to check the status of moving the order of Moldova

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