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Order Bracelets made of leather will be much easier if you know the correct size of his wrist. 
When you place an order for a leather bracelet, we want to fit properly! Below are simple instructions that describe how to measure your wrist. 

Method. A (a flexible measuring tape) 
Using a flexible measuring tape *, measure just above (towards elbow), wrist bones, and then write down your measurements on paper. Add to your measuring 1 cm 

Below is an example image to show you how to measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape. 

Размер браслета

Method B (a strip of paper) 
* Tip: If you do not have easy flexible measuring tape, you can use a strip of paper or thin string to measure the size of your wrist. Make sure that you are making a mark on a strip of paper, from which it is superimposed on the wrist. Once you have made your mark, place the strip on a flat surface and measure it with a ruler. Add to your measuring 1 cm

Размер Браслета

Измерение браслета


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