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About us

HandS - This is the new name in the design world of fashion accessories!
Art HandS offers an unusual vision of a modern accessory. Wild force primeval energy and antiquity combined with a concise and adaptability to modern times.

Clean, fresh as the wind of change, jewelry from HandS - a chance to reveal their authenticity.

From collection to collection of amazing versatility HandS each indivisible and self-sufficient.
Jewelry by HandS charge the owner of energy handmade, resonating with the fundamentals of our being, as well as reveal the uniqueness and individuality of author's style.

HandS - This is a young Ukrainian team who decided to create a beautiful and high quality fashion accessories with their own handsHis material HandS use genuine leather and metal fittings.

© Hands.kiev.ua - мы создаём стильные акссесуары!.